The Worlds and Ideas of Mike Rossmanith
Here, selected illustrations and works are exhibited.
The online offer on these pages grows with time.
The newsletter will inform you about new projects and works.
The official online start is planned in June 2017.
Free usage:
All media content may be downloaded and shared for private use.
A publication on other pages and media is welcome, but must be published by the author, Mike Rossmanith
in written. More here…

About person:
Mike Rossmanith is an artist from Germany born 22.10.1979
He illustrates what he wants and how he wants it.
For more than 20 years experimenting and working on all kinds of media like:
Digital, on paper, canvas in oil, acrylic, in the skin as a tattoo, airbrush, charcoal, watercolors, pens …

Now Mike Rossmanith and his works are ready to be published to you.